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Holidays in Dalyan

Updated: Sep 26, 2023

Sitting on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast is Dalyan, a little fishing village popular for its relaxed, traditional charm. Surrounded by unspoiled greenery and inspiring scenery and cut gently in two by a wandering river, holidays to Dalyan are perfect if you like your downtime to be low-key, laid back and leisurely. If you simply can’t have a holiday without a beach, then don’t worry because there are some beautiful soft sandy spots just a short trip away. Join the locals and jump into a water-taxi, which will take you on a laid-back cruise to the mouth of the estuary. The entire stretch is protected, partly due to the presence of the nesting Loggerhead Turtles that have made their home on Iztuzu Beach. However, there’s much more to this part of Turkey than meets the eye, and it also houses some of the region’s treasures including the 9th-century

remains of Caunus.

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